Saturday, February 7, 2015

Special review: A Finer End from December 2008

In the 7th installment of Deborah Crombie's Kincaid/James series, A Finer End, they were sent on another amazing case to solve.  When Duncan's cousin Jack called from Gastonbury and asked him for his help, he welcomed a break from London to spend a relaxing weekend with Gemma.  Gastonbury was a revered site of an ancient abbey. Jack had more than a passing interest in its history, when he came across an ancient 1000-year old chronicle. The record revealed its shocking and bloody peaceful past that would cause violence. So now it was up to Gemma and Duncan to find out about the truth the local police should see, when no one envisioned what perils lie ahead or what was more at stake.

This was another fabulous Kincaid/James mystery in the series. I continued to care about Gemma and Duncan as they grew closer together as a couple and worked together in the Metro Yard Police Department.  I loved the eerie location of Gastonbury for the settings for this novel, too. This would make you feel cold and numb and speechless in the end. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and suspense to send you shivers down your spine, and real good intrigue and mystery to keep you hooked on reading.

Will you reach a finer end? Give this book a try today!

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