Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Once and Always

From best-selling historical romance author, Elizabeth Hoyt, she ventured into the contemporary romance genre as Julia Harper. In Once and Always, it started with a chase encounter for Coot Lake Police Officer Sam West who stopped beautiful Maisa "May" Burney for a routine stop. They had an one-night encounter awhile ago and met on the highway. From there, Maisa had been on the run from Sam and from the Russian mafia. This half-Russian beauty was the daughter of an American prosecutor and a Russian mother.  But although she couldn't stop Sam, the chemistry between them was red-hot and sexy under the sheets. He swore to protect her with his wife, when there's been many attempts on her life and her family's with a bomb. But in the end, they've gotten together to sorted their feelings out and confessed their love.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance for this love story. This was a heart-breaker and a tear-jerker that made me cry. I cared about Maisa and Sam and their background of their story on how they met. I loved the winter scene for a small town as in Coot Lake, Minnesota. This moved me to tears and sigh a couple of times. You'll fall in love with them, too.  Great romance, terrific action with sweet love and lots of intrigue to keep you involved with their adventure.

Will you find true love, once and always? If so, grab a copy that's out today!

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