Friday, February 13, 2015

Hot Enough to Kill

In the first installment of Paula Boyd's Jolene Jackson Mystery series, Hot Enough to Kill, it would take you in a fast-paced adventure with plenty of twists for turns. When Jolene Jackson returned to Kickapoo, Texas, she learned her mother was in jail, the mayor was murdered, and it was hotter than blazes outside. But little did she know she would get embroiled into a political conspiracy of corruption and greed. Now only that and her mother Lucille were both shot, so were two cops who were trying to help them out. Jolene wanted a second shot with her ex-fiance, who was also divorced at the sane time as her, when it didn't work out. As they uncovered the plot, the closer they were on knowing the truth on who killed the mayor and who were gunning after them.

This was a great introduction to the Jolene Jackson mystery series. It had great moments of humor and great bonding between Jolene and her mother Lucille. I cared about both of them and even Jerry Don, while people like Amy and Leroy I couldn't stand, especially Bony Butt. I didn't like Susan and hated how she used people to get her own way. I loved the dual locations of Kickapoo and Redwater Falls, Texas. Both were picturesque for a small town cozy mystery series. Great drama, excellent non-stop suspense and plenty of intrigue and humor to keep you guessing and laughing in stitches to the end.

Will you find it hot enough to kill today? Pick up a copy right now!

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