Monday, February 2, 2015

The Rancher

In the first installment of Kelli Ann Morgan's Redbourne series, the Rancher, we were introduced to the Redbourne family in the wild west. For Abby McAllister, she wanted a husband and a ranch of her own, even if she was a tomboy. For Cole Redbourne, he was a rancher who wasn't ready to settle down, when he wanted a ranch of his own. Before he headed out to Colorado, he had a mission to find out who murdered his best friend, when he inherited two vast lands. For Cole and Abby, they've gotten "married" and were in a wild ride of their life, between secrets and lies, revenge and betrayal with danger, they followed their hearts and loved each other forever.

This was a real beautiful historical/western romance. This would warm your heart and make you swoon. I cared about Abby and Cole, when they've found their way to each other. I also cared about Lily and Cole's family, when I despised Jeremiah Carson and Mary Beth and Norah. I loved the dual locations of Kansas and Colorado--Silver Falls sounded like a beautiful place to me. Great drama, plenty of non-stop action and intrigue with lots of romance, when you'll root for Abby and Cole, too.

Will you meet the new rancher? Stop by with a new copy today!

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