Monday, February 9, 2015

Killer Cupcakes

In the first installment of the Lexy Baker Bakery Mystery from Leighann Dobbs, Killer Cupcakes, we were introduced to Lexy Baker and her dog Sparkles. Lexy owned a local bakery with her best friend Cassie, when she'd gotten embroiled into a messy mystery. First, she met her new neighbor, hunky Detective Jack Perillo, who was also a local cop. But when she was a chief suspect of poisoning her ex-boyfriend, it was up to Lexy to clear her name with the help of her grandmother and her friends, and save her bakery business, before it was too late.

This was a charming new culinary cozy series to try and dig your teeth into. In this light read, I cared about Lexy and her bakery business and her relationship with Jack. To have a handsome cop next door as your neighbor made a wonderful pairing for a couple. I didn't like the sleazy Jason one bit. I thought Nans and her friends was a nice touch to help Lexy out. I also loved the culinary recipe to make the same cupcake tops, too. I loved the small town feeling in New England for the perfect location and setting. Great drama, nice non-stop action for a quick read, and good mystery to wrap up towards the ends.

Want some killer cupcakes to try? Give this one a go!

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