Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Full Throttle

In the 7th installment of Erin McCarthy's Fast Track Sports-themed Contemporary romance series, Full Throttle, she took us on a wild fast track and a wild ride. Shawn Hamby was the owner of her family-owned race track, while she was on a bind for financial reasons. She needed to get married within a month to save her track, or lose it entirely. That's when she met Rhett Ford, one of the pit crew members, who was hot for her and a couple years younger than her. The chemistry between them was hot and steamy, when they entered into a marriage of convenience. And before they knew it, they fell in love and wanted to make it a real deal and married for love. There's tons of humor and erotic sex scenes to steam up the windows in your bedroom.

This was a great sports-themed contemporary romance. I loved the chemistry between Rhett and Shawn. I also cared about them, when their marriage of convenience turned into a real romance of love. I love the location of the South Carolinas and the racetrack for this series. This made me swoon for Rhett, when the bedroom scenes was steamy and sexy altogether. Great drama, excellent romance with intense non-stop action and plenty of intrigue into this romance novel.

Will you turn up the heat and go full throttle?

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