Monday, March 31, 2014

One Bad Apple

If you love something different for your cozies, you'll enjoy this one featuring an apple orchard. In Sheila Connolly's One Bad Apple, the first book in the Orchard Mystery series, we were introduced to Meg Corey, who had no job, no boyfriend, and moved to Granford from Boston. She uncovered the twists and turns of a small-knit town and how they came together to support one another. First she moved into a family home from her ancestors that needed a whole lot of work, before she wanted to sell it. And then she learned about the orchard attached to her home. If that wasn't the worst of her problems, she met a hot plumber to fix her plumbing and then uncovered a dead body--one of her ex-boyfriend. From there, she was on the hot seat and trying her best to clear her name and learn much about local politics and the project in the middle of it. When she got closer to the truth, it put her in the line of fine and a world of trouble of her own. In the end, she declared Granford her new home and found a new job of her own.

This was an intriguing culinary cozy debut. I loved the Granford backdrop and vivid scenery. You can visualize the small town and the apple orchard in Meg's backyard. I liked Meg and how she decided to renovate her home by repairing it. I loved the cast of characters in it, too.  I liked her with Seth. I hated her ex and his latest flame. I also abhorred how they picked on Meg as a culprit, but later welcomed her with opened arms, when her name was cleared. It had all the pickings of a small town community. I loved learning about the orchard business, when it came to apples and fresh produce. This would grip you in the first pages and tempt you to read more.

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Spying in High Heels

If you love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum bounty hunter series, you'll enjoy this one for sure. This mystery will give you goosebumps and tons of laughter. Maddie Springer was a children's shoe designer who thought she was pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. When he turned up missing and two dead bodies wounded up along the way, she wanted to get down to the bottom of it. With the help of her best friend Dana, she had many run-ins with hot cop, Jack Ramirez.  And there was sizzling chemistry between them. With dead threats and danger looming ahead of her, she couldn't help but stay out of trouble. When she thought she had the right person for the culprit, she was dead wrong. This mystery will keep you rooting for Maddie and Jack all the way in Gemma Halliday's Spying in High Heels. 

This mystery debut packed a punch of drama, romance, and a pinch of witty humor. I liked the whole concept of this series. I did feel Richard was a rat-dog by comparison. I liked Maddie and her family, even her job.  The backdrop of California was perfect for this scene. I believe the chemistry between Maddie and Jack was unbeatable and too hot to handle. I also loved Dana who assisted her best friend, too.  I didn't like the receptionists at the law firm like Jasmine, or when she was shot at, either. I was relieved she wasn't pregnant with Richard's baby. Plenty of page-turning drama to keep you reading, all day and all night long.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Gauguin Connnection

If you're a fan of TNT's Perception, you love this thriller series set in Europe. In Estelle Ryan's The Gauguin Connection, the first book in the Genevieve Lenard thriller series, Dr. Genevieve Lenard wasn't your ordinary heroine. She was an intelligent mind reader in Strasbourg, working for an art firm. She also interpreted body cues as a face reader, and had high spectrum autism. That made her unique and special in her own way. When she was tasked to help find a missing painting at a crime scene, it got tricky from there. There was an interesting array of characters from her boss to Colin Frey, a master criminal with had a special connection with her by touch. When she got closer to the truth, she was also closer to danger. And that's when Vinnie came in as her bodyguard. It was up to Genevieve and her colleagues to pick up the pieces to this art theft puzzle and connected the dots to those who closed in on them as well, right before it's too late. A blast and a thrill to read for those who love art mysteries or thrillers.

This was a fantastic introduction to the thriller series. I loved the European location to take place for the setting. I cared about Genevieve, since she was unique in her own way. Colin and Vinnie were a bit amusing and unsettling, once you got to know their characters. I didn't like her bosses either. This was so enthralling and exciting at the same time, when we learn about art and the connection to the crime.

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The Chocolate Cat Caper

 If you love culinary cozies with recipes inside, this series is the one for you.  In Joanna Carl's The Chocolate Cat Caper,  the first book in the Chocoholic Mystery series, Lee McKinney returned back to her hometown of Warner Pier, Michigan, after her divorce and move from Texas. When she helped her aunt run her chocolate store, she'd gotten more than she bargained for, when she volunteered to help out at Clementine Ripley's party. She ran into her best friend and a blast from her past, along with some interesting array of characters. Along the way, when she learned about Clem's history of people hating her guts, it placed her in the spotlight, when someone poisoned her delivered chocolate. I was up to Lee to figure out who done it, when she thought the case was closed--far from it, when other things haven't added up. With a rambunctious cat and the police at the scene, they helped her out, when her life was in danger at the end.

This cozy was a great introduction to the series.  We learned about how chocolate factories manufacture delicious chocolate candies. We do get to learn a bit about Lee and Joe's backstory that stemmed from high school. I also loved the cat here too. The chocolate recipes are to die for to make at home. Clem was a piece of work with some other creepy cast of characters. Overall, this was a great and divine cozy.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blood Lies

If you love a shocking and twisted medical thriller, this one is for you. From debut author Daniel Kalla, he would take you to a thrill ride in Blood Lies. Dr. Ben Dafoe was an ER doctor in Seattle who was caught in the middle of a puzzling mystery. When his ex-fiancée was found hacked to death and murdered with another person, he became the spotlight of attention became of his personal connection. When his blood was found on the wall, it got creepier, he became a person of interest. From Ben's POV, he flashed back to the past and fights for the truth. Someone gunned after him and called him, while he remained on the run in Vancouver to discover the truth of his dead twin and posed as another doctor in Canada. As they got closer to Ben, his life became in danger, when there was someone who had a personal vendetta against him. It was hard for him to know who was to trust and who he shouldn't, with friends and allies to help him fight for justice to clear his name. And you would never believe who it was in the end with an explosive ending!

Wow. This medical thriller will leave you breathless and begging for more. I loved the Canadian and Washington state locations. It was so very picturesque and very well-written. It painted a vivid and beautiful image in my mind. I did feel bad for Ben and maybe for Aaron. I became a bit wary of the police. Without spoiling on who wanted revenged against Ben, I pitied him. I loved how he remained devoted on clearing his name and to his medical career. This would leave you want to read more of his work with every twist and snarly turn.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Pride and Prescience

If you're a big fan of classic literature and loved the Darcys from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and other classic novels, you'll love this classic historical mystery series. After Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy got married with their happily ever after, did you wonder what happened to them? This series answered the question. In Pride and Prescience, the Darcys were happily married. At the same time, Jane's married too with another couple. When Caroline Bingley married Frederick Parrish, nothing's what it seemed. She acted strange ever since she said "I do". From there, there'd been some mishaps and a fire and a murder, all during a blizzard before Christmas season. While they wondered about these odd happenings, they suspected everyone until one of them was found out, placing the Darcys in a world of dangerous trouble. Lots of shocking drama with classical twists to make you a fan and fall in love with them again. A must-read for all Jane Austen reader fans.

This would be a great book for Jane Austen fans. I loved the continuation of the series with a mystery twist, a good introduction to the classical mystery series, too. I loved the Darcys and how they interacted with everyone in 18th century England. You do get a good sense  on how they lived back then. I did felt bad for Caroline and didn't care for much about her sleazy husband. I also enjoyed Jane as well. I loved how it took place during the winter/X-mas season as well. This will hook you on the first page throughout the novel to the end.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cheetah Chase

In the third and last installment of the Jazz Jasper series, Jazz Jasper learned the hard way about trusting friends in Cheetah Chase. When her friend was poisoned and died, she came across a mysterious scorpion. From there, she was caught up in an embroiled mystery of her own, when it dealt with the African land and the cheetah cubs. She came across some interesting people in her investigation and suspected the people closest to her she trusted with suspicion of her own. From African tribal herbal medicine to the foreign oil trade, there was a lot of suspense on the air and on land, when she came across a dangerous trek of her own. In the midst of things, things were tense between her and Striker's relationship. In the end, she didn't suspect whodunit and was shocked to the core on why. Nice scenery set in Africa's vast lands.

This was a wonderful conclusion to the Jazz Jasper series. I was sad to see it end. I loved the African background and the majestic cheetahs that were featured in this storyline. I hated to see Jazz and Strike split up to go their separate ways, when they want two different things. I loved how he flew his plane as a pilot. I hated for Jazz to lose Nick to a callous death. A heart-warming storyline, beautiful scenery, and a wonderful mystery with intrigue.

Ready to chase cheetahs? Give this one a go! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Rake's Vow

In A Rake's Vow by Stephanie Laurens, the second installment in the Cynster series, she wove us a tale of drama, romance and plenty of intrigue. When Spencer "Vane" Cynster visited his godmother's home in Bellamy Hall, his eyes fell upon her niece, Patience Debbington. And things changed for him in an instant heartbeat. When there was a thief and a Spectre stealing items from her home and suspicion was placed on Patience's younger brother Gerrard, it was now up to Vane to find out who's the culprit, even when someone struck him on the head. Between solving a mystery and being bedazzled by Patience, someone he wanted for his wife, she remained stubborn as hell and won't marry him for her own reasons. While they were set out to find out who's the culprit, Patience began to love him and accept him for who he truly was with his vow of promises. What a windswept lovely historical romance.

This is another beautiful historical romance from Stephanie Laurens. I liked how Patience took care of her younger brother Gerrard. I also loved the same Cynster family interaction between Vane and his siblings and cousins. We can see how much he cared about Patience and her brother. I cringed, when someone attacked her brother with a rock and set him up. We can see the passion in her brother's paintwork and how much it meant to him. Those mini mysteries inserted into the historical romance to built up the suspense and the intrigue.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Deadly Echoes

If you love a great fast-paced mystery, you'll love this newest installment from Philip Donlay. I had the pleasure to review this via Netgalley. In Deadly Echoes, the 4th book in the Donovan Nash series, Donovan Nash ran Eco-Watch, an environmental friendly company on saving the planet. But Nash also had a hidden past under an assumed name and lost a love a couple of years ago. But someone from the past didn't want it hidden and out of the open. He was out for blood and revenge, taunting him along the way. With an eco-twist, everything Nash loved and cared for were under attack and under siege by someone who was out for his blood--friends, family members and even Eco-Watch's vehicles. For Lauren, his estranged wife and mother of his little girl, a DIA analyst headquartered in Europe, she wanted to keep Nash from a safe distance, until she was ready to see him again. From Hawaii to Alaska, and even parts of Europe and Canada, Nash, his wife Lauren, and his team defended them from all angles to prevent an eco-disaster from happening. Lots of action, drama, and an adrenalin rush from start to finish. Hold onto your hats!

This thriller had true potential of being an excellent eco-thriller as well. I loved how it focused on marine science and oceanography for the concept and the plot.  In this thriller, we do get to care about Donovan, his wife and daughter, and his family. We also do get to see him care about his career and the love of the planet, too. I also loved the locations in the USA and Europe to set the scenes with painted scenery.  I didn't like how his former nemesis taunted him with pure evil. I believe that Lauren and Donovan would get back together. This had lots of action, drama, suspense, in a lightning fast pace.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

A Rogue by Any Other Name

If you love a compelling historical romance, this historical romance debut is perfect for you. In Sarah MacLean's new historical romance series, she taught us-- the readers--the rules of the scoundrels. In A Rogue by Any Other Name,  the first book in the Rules of Scoundrels series, Penelope Marbury had a broken engagement, a subject of scandal, and was an aging spinster. Michael Bourne had been her childhood friend, who lost everything in a gambling game in ruination, and sought revenge on who've done him wrong. When they eloped in a love match, it became a marriage of convenience for each other. He would get her land, and he would help her sisters out with perfect matches.When Bourne got closer to avenging his estate, Penelope wanted her childhood friend back. Through it all, he learned that in a game of life, he placed his bets on love and for Penelope's future. From there, this became a perfect marriage for them all. 

I loved the letter segments in each chapter on how they corresponded with each other until we we re caught up in present day. That really showed how close they were to each other back then as friend. I loved the setup of the gamble and how love could be a gamble, if you pay the right price for it. I loved how we watched how they became the gossip of the ton, when temptation's called out their name with a kiss. I did feel sorry for Penelope's heartache and booed at Michael's callousness and wicked ways. Gripped by the first page, you would go on the same roller coaster of emotions as Penelope did.  What an enchanting timeless romance to fall in love with.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blue-Eyed Devil

If you love Lisa Kleypas's historical romance, you love her contemporary romance series. In Blue-Eyed Devil, we followed Haven Travis's journey from her point of view. We watched her fall for Nick Tanner and her turbulent marriage and quick divorce, struggled with her controlling parents and protective brothers, and fell in love with the right guy who was meant to be with her, Hardy Cates, the family's enemy. In the heart of Texas, we saw how Haven dealt with a reappearance from her ex-husband and his domineering ways, and her narcissistic boss, Vanessa, who belittled and undermined her at her job. Straight from the start, you'll be rooting for Haven all through the novel for her happy ending. Grab your tissues and fall in love with Hardy and Haven's story. This is well-written, well-researched on hard topics, and well done.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance. It dealt with tough issues like abusive relationships and controlling families. I loved the Texas backdrop and the scenery. I really felt bad for Haven, who needed a mother figure or a surrogate one for that matter. I liked her brothers and shook my head in disgust on her father. I didn't care for Vanessa or Nick--both of them were toxic to the extremes. I loved how Haven and Hardy reached out to each other and helped each other out. This made me cry all over. This also warmed my heart, too.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Wicked Snow

Twenty years ago, young Hannah Logan lost her twin brothers and supposedly her mother in a fire in a small town in Oregon. Family tragedy, family secrets, and the hunt of the truth steer this thriller into a spine-tingling direction. In the debut thriller from Gregg Olson, A Wicked Snow weaved a haunted tale about a childhood tragedy on that brutal winter, which had turned upside with the shocking incrimination of her mother's specter. In present day Oregon, Hannah Griffin was a crime scene investigator, happily married with a young daughter. She was the only victim of the gruesome crime scene from years ago. When someone sent her a box of evidence from the crime scene with a haunting note, it sent chills down her spine and spiralled her world into a tailspin. While she investigated a child abuse crime scene, looming memories of the past caught up to her, while she tried to forget about the past. With a pesty reporter on the scene to stir things up, she steeled herself from a heated confrontation. We also learned it from Hannah's eyes, and FBI  Agent Jeff Bauer, who had been a friend to her, past and present. From Oregon to Alaska, the final climax sent your heart pounding to a stunning conclusion.

This was an exquisite thriller debut. It would leave you with a chilling good feeling. I did feel a mixed array of emotions for Hannah and for her family to be caught up into this hot mess. I did know why she had to change her identity and everything about her, when it concerned her mother. As for Jess, I did feel a strong sense of ambition as well, when he wanted to protect her and nab the killer.  The scenery from Oregon to Alaska was amazing and in good detail.  Bone-chilling action with plenty of drama to hook you in and reel you in for a wild and numbing ride.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Death in the Floating City

In Tasha Alexander's Death in the Floating City, Lady Emily and Colin Hargreaves head to Venice to help out a friend's need. In the 7th installment of the series, we followed Emily's adventure to Venice and get caught into the cross-hairs of a centuries-old family feud. Like in Shakespeare's classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, this historical thriller featured two star-crossed lovers who became the victims of his family's war. In this heart-breaking, tear-jerking story, we learned about the waring nature of the Barozzis and the Vendelinos in Italy. When Emily's friend's husband had gone missing and her father-in-law was found murdered, she would do anything to find out the truth and the heart of the matter. There was a mini tragic tale of Besina Barozzi and her love for Nicolo Vendelino, which had an imminent connection to Emily's case. When she found out more about the background story, someone loomed over Emily and put her in danger. And you'll be shocked to see who was behind it all. Get out a box of Kleenex for this sordid tragic love story inside a fascinating and cultivating thriller.

This was a fantastic historical suspense thriller. I loved how it took us to the past and present with diary excerpts as flashbacks. I loved how it took place in England and also in Italy. The little side story was done beautifully well to give us a hint of history. I was saddened in the end, when Emily lost her baby, and to what happened to Besina, years before. I loved the art and architecture angle of it. This made me cry and weep endlessly. They were many scenes which broke my heart and made me sigh. If you want to take a trip to Italy, this book would be good for you. It had romance, intrigue, suspense and plenty of action and drama, right to the end.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


In the 27th installment, Alex Delaware was on the scene in the most toughest and grossest murder mystery yet. In Victims, it all started with the one female victim and had escalated from there. From one crime scene to another, we watched how Alex and Milo were perplexed on who committed the crimes and who left the question marks on the crime scenes. They had a lot of guesswork there, too, when we discovered who was behind the madness and how they stopped him. They worked their way backwards to the history and a minor connection to Alex's psychology days. They would uncover his backstory and what made this unsub your unlikely and unusual suspect and who was his accomplice. This one was enthralling and shocking at once. Don't eat before you read this.

This was another great Alex Delaware mystery. This had a nice angle to Alex's psychology past to use in the plotline. I continued to love how Alex worked with the LAPD with Milo. This was another disturbing and complex mystery for them to solve. I continued to love the Los Angeles locale as well.  I didn't like how the killer killed his victims, either. Great intense action, a terrific suspenseful dramatic twist to this compelling mystery.

Don't become a victim yourself? Go out and check this out right away!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kiss and Tell

If you love a passionate and explosive romantic suspense, Cherry Adair's T-FLAC series in the one for you. In Kiss and Tell, the second book in the T-Flac Psi Unit Trilogy. we met Marnie Wright. Sh was always up for an adventure from her boring life and contemplated some decisions on the next path on her life at her grandmother's cabin. Little did she know, that Jake Dolan would give it her from next door. We follow this love story between Marnie, an illustrator at heart, and Jake, a T-FLAC operative who was a man on the mission to bring a terrorist down. He wasn't expecting to have a heart and to save her life, multiple times. But slowly, he fell in love with her. During the next couple of days, they get to know each other better and grow on each other, too. Hidden in Jake's underground cabin, they learn more about their lives, while a group of terrorists wrecked havoc in their lives. There was chemistry and a blossoming love in this relationship. When her life's later on the line from the danger around them, they discovered what they have for each other was true love and plan their future together.

This romantic suspense made me cry a lot. I, in a way, related to Marnie. I cared for her, since she wanted to do her own thing, become adventurous, and took care of her heart. I related to her in a way, too. As for Jake, he was rough around the edges and then smoothed them out in the end, when she had fallen in love for her. This moved me to tears and feel real genuine feelings for the both of them. Her brothers might be a bit over-bearing and protective, when it came to second nature. You would fall in love with them, too.

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