Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Wicked Snow

Twenty years ago, young Hannah Logan lost her twin brothers and supposedly her mother in a fire in a small town in Oregon. Family tragedy, family secrets, and the hunt of the truth steer this thriller into a spine-tingling direction. In the debut thriller from Gregg Olson, A Wicked Snow weaved a haunted tale about a childhood tragedy on that brutal winter, which had turned upside with the shocking incrimination of her mother's specter. In present day Oregon, Hannah Griffin was a crime scene investigator, happily married with a young daughter. She was the only victim of the gruesome crime scene from years ago. When someone sent her a box of evidence from the crime scene with a haunting note, it sent chills down her spine and spiralled her world into a tailspin. While she investigated a child abuse crime scene, looming memories of the past caught up to her, while she tried to forget about the past. With a pesty reporter on the scene to stir things up, she steeled herself from a heated confrontation. We also learned it from Hannah's eyes, and FBI  Agent Jeff Bauer, who had been a friend to her, past and present. From Oregon to Alaska, the final climax sent your heart pounding to a stunning conclusion.

This was an exquisite thriller debut. It would leave you with a chilling good feeling. I did feel a mixed array of emotions for Hannah and for her family to be caught up into this hot mess. I did know why she had to change her identity and everything about her, when it concerned her mother. As for Jess, I did feel a strong sense of ambition as well, when he wanted to protect her and nab the killer.  The scenery from Oregon to Alaska was amazing and in good detail.  Bone-chilling action with plenty of drama to hook you in and reel you in for a wild and numbing ride.

Ready to feel a cold rush? Check out a copy today!

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