Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Rake's Vow

In A Rake's Vow by Stephanie Laurens, the second installment in the Cynster series, she wove us a tale of drama, romance and plenty of intrigue. When Spencer "Vane" Cynster visited his godmother's home in Bellamy Hall, his eyes fell upon her niece, Patience Debbington. And things changed for him in an instant heartbeat. When there was a thief and a Spectre stealing items from her home and suspicion was placed on Patience's younger brother Gerrard, it was now up to Vane to find out who's the culprit, even when someone struck him on the head. Between solving a mystery and being bedazzled by Patience, someone he wanted for his wife, she remained stubborn as hell and won't marry him for her own reasons. While they were set out to find out who's the culprit, Patience began to love him and accept him for who he truly was with his vow of promises. What a windswept lovely historical romance.

This is another beautiful historical romance from Stephanie Laurens. I liked how Patience took care of her younger brother Gerrard. I also loved the same Cynster family interaction between Vane and his siblings and cousins. We can see how much he cared about Patience and her brother. I cringed, when someone attacked her brother with a rock and set him up. We can see the passion in her brother's paintwork and how much it meant to him. Those mini mysteries inserted into the historical romance to built up the suspense and the intrigue.

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