Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Gauguin Connnection

If you're a fan of TNT's Perception, you love this thriller series set in Europe. In Estelle Ryan's The Gauguin Connection, the first book in the Genevieve Lenard thriller series, Dr. Genevieve Lenard wasn't your ordinary heroine. She was an intelligent mind reader in Strasbourg, working for an art firm. She also interpreted body cues as a face reader, and had high spectrum autism. That made her unique and special in her own way. When she was tasked to help find a missing painting at a crime scene, it got tricky from there. There was an interesting array of characters from her boss to Colin Frey, a master criminal with had a special connection with her by touch. When she got closer to the truth, she was also closer to danger. And that's when Vinnie came in as her bodyguard. It was up to Genevieve and her colleagues to pick up the pieces to this art theft puzzle and connected the dots to those who closed in on them as well, right before it's too late. A blast and a thrill to read for those who love art mysteries or thrillers.

This was a fantastic introduction to the thriller series. I loved the European location to take place for the setting. I cared about Genevieve, since she was unique in her own way. Colin and Vinnie were a bit amusing and unsettling, once you got to know their characters. I didn't like her bosses either. This was so enthralling and exciting at the same time, when we learn about art and the connection to the crime.

Ready to go on a trip? Pack your passport and give this one a try!

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