Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blue-Eyed Devil

If you love Lisa Kleypas's historical romance, you love her contemporary romance series. In Blue-Eyed Devil, we followed Haven Travis's journey from her point of view. We watched her fall for Nick Tanner and her turbulent marriage and quick divorce, struggled with her controlling parents and protective brothers, and fell in love with the right guy who was meant to be with her, Hardy Cates, the family's enemy. In the heart of Texas, we saw how Haven dealt with a reappearance from her ex-husband and his domineering ways, and her narcissistic boss, Vanessa, who belittled and undermined her at her job. Straight from the start, you'll be rooting for Haven all through the novel for her happy ending. Grab your tissues and fall in love with Hardy and Haven's story. This is well-written, well-researched on hard topics, and well done.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance. It dealt with tough issues like abusive relationships and controlling families. I loved the Texas backdrop and the scenery. I really felt bad for Haven, who needed a mother figure or a surrogate one for that matter. I liked her brothers and shook my head in disgust on her father. I didn't care for Vanessa or Nick--both of them were toxic to the extremes. I loved how Haven and Hardy reached out to each other and helped each other out. This made me cry all over. This also warmed my heart, too.

Ready to meet a devil in disguise? Snatch a copy today!

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