Friday, March 7, 2014

Death in the Floating City

In Tasha Alexander's Death in the Floating City, Lady Emily and Colin Hargreaves head to Venice to help out a friend's need. In the 7th installment of the series, we followed Emily's adventure to Venice and get caught into the cross-hairs of a centuries-old family feud. Like in Shakespeare's classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, this historical thriller featured two star-crossed lovers who became the victims of his family's war. In this heart-breaking, tear-jerking story, we learned about the waring nature of the Barozzis and the Vendelinos in Italy. When Emily's friend's husband had gone missing and her father-in-law was found murdered, she would do anything to find out the truth and the heart of the matter. There was a mini tragic tale of Besina Barozzi and her love for Nicolo Vendelino, which had an imminent connection to Emily's case. When she found out more about the background story, someone loomed over Emily and put her in danger. And you'll be shocked to see who was behind it all. Get out a box of Kleenex for this sordid tragic love story inside a fascinating and cultivating thriller.

This was a fantastic historical suspense thriller. I loved how it took us to the past and present with diary excerpts as flashbacks. I loved how it took place in England and also in Italy. The little side story was done beautifully well to give us a hint of history. I was saddened in the end, when Emily lost her baby, and to what happened to Besina, years before. I loved the art and architecture angle of it. This made me cry and weep endlessly. They were many scenes which broke my heart and made me sigh. If you want to take a trip to Italy, this book would be good for you. It had romance, intrigue, suspense and plenty of action and drama, right to the end.

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