Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Deadly Echoes

If you love a great fast-paced mystery, you'll love this newest installment from Philip Donlay. I had the pleasure to review this via Netgalley. In Deadly Echoes, the 4th book in the Donovan Nash series, Donovan Nash ran Eco-Watch, an environmental friendly company on saving the planet. But Nash also had a hidden past under an assumed name and lost a love a couple of years ago. But someone from the past didn't want it hidden and out of the open. He was out for blood and revenge, taunting him along the way. With an eco-twist, everything Nash loved and cared for were under attack and under siege by someone who was out for his blood--friends, family members and even Eco-Watch's vehicles. For Lauren, his estranged wife and mother of his little girl, a DIA analyst headquartered in Europe, she wanted to keep Nash from a safe distance, until she was ready to see him again. From Hawaii to Alaska, and even parts of Europe and Canada, Nash, his wife Lauren, and his team defended them from all angles to prevent an eco-disaster from happening. Lots of action, drama, and an adrenalin rush from start to finish. Hold onto your hats!

This thriller had true potential of being an excellent eco-thriller as well. I loved how it focused on marine science and oceanography for the concept and the plot.  In this thriller, we do get to care about Donovan, his wife and daughter, and his family. We also do get to see him care about his career and the love of the planet, too. I also loved the locations in the USA and Europe to set the scenes with painted scenery.  I didn't like how his former nemesis taunted him with pure evil. I believe that Lauren and Donovan would get back together. This had lots of action, drama, suspense, in a lightning fast pace.

Ready, set, go! Grab a copy today!

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