Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kiss and Tell

If you love a passionate and explosive romantic suspense, Cherry Adair's T-FLAC series in the one for you. In Kiss and Tell, the second book in the T-Flac Psi Unit Trilogy. we met Marnie Wright. Sh was always up for an adventure from her boring life and contemplated some decisions on the next path on her life at her grandmother's cabin. Little did she know, that Jake Dolan would give it her from next door. We follow this love story between Marnie, an illustrator at heart, and Jake, a T-FLAC operative who was a man on the mission to bring a terrorist down. He wasn't expecting to have a heart and to save her life, multiple times. But slowly, he fell in love with her. During the next couple of days, they get to know each other better and grow on each other, too. Hidden in Jake's underground cabin, they learn more about their lives, while a group of terrorists wrecked havoc in their lives. There was chemistry and a blossoming love in this relationship. When her life's later on the line from the danger around them, they discovered what they have for each other was true love and plan their future together.

This romantic suspense made me cry a lot. I, in a way, related to Marnie. I cared for her, since she wanted to do her own thing, become adventurous, and took care of her heart. I related to her in a way, too. As for Jake, he was rough around the edges and then smoothed them out in the end, when she had fallen in love for her. This moved me to tears and feel real genuine feelings for the both of them. Her brothers might be a bit over-bearing and protective, when it came to second nature. You would fall in love with them, too.

Ready to take on your latest adventure? Give them book a shot!

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