Friday, February 28, 2014

Rusty Nail

In the third installment in the Jack Daniels mystery series, Rusty Nail, someone was out for blood and caused a whole lot of trouble. It all started with the grotesque videotapes that someone sent to Jack--morbid and disturbing were the words to describe people being murdered on film. When he started to piece together the picture to this wicked mystery, she didn't see this coming. With her mom in a coma and Herb needing surgery, she was on her own for this one. When she discovered there was a shocking connection to the Gingerbread Man case, she connected the dots to the killer's family roots. We watched Jack fight back from the cross-hairs and thresholds of danger. There was some surprising twists and turns to this shocking mystery. If you think your family's dysfunctional, guess again in this one. The killer's not who we really suspect... until the end.

This one was another compelling witty mystery. Most of the scenes were a bit gruesome in nature on videotape and in person. I continue to root for Jack Daniels and the Chicago PD to solve the most real complicated murders they ever faced. I do feel for Herb, who needed to curb his appetite and his sexual appetite down a bit. I believe the FBI was a bit whimsical in nature. I do feel bad for Jack and her relationship problems in the opposite species I continue to love the title with matching book cover and the Chicago location. Great drama, nice tense action-packed scenes, and good mystery to solve.

Watch out for rusty nails? Grab a copy today!

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