Saturday, February 15, 2014

Simply Irresistible

When Maddie Moore escaped Los Angeles with no job and boyfriend, she was down on her luck. The chance encounter between Maddie and Jax Cullen was priceless, when she almost ran him down in his car. From there, there was chemistry between the two that was enough to start a wildfire. We watched Maddie reunite with her two half-sisters and build up her self-confidence, when she ventured on refinancing her late mother's inn. In this heart-warming contemporary romance, you'll fall in love with Maddie and Jax, when we watched their relationship blossom and bloom. He's just what she needed and more. This romance would make you root for them, laugh and cry, and believe in second chances and taking a chance on luck. Simply Irresistible was just that and explained it all for its readers to devour and love.

This was a fantastic contemporary romance. I loved the chemistry between Jax and Maddie. I ove the priceless location of the Lucky Harbor area. It was perfect and ideal for this romance series. I loved how the three sisters bonded and pulled ranks to make miracles happen for their mother's inn. This was so moving, it brought me to tears. I found nothing wrong about it. The title was perfect for the novel too. Beautiful storyline, perfect romance, and a hint of drama to make you want to read the entire series.

Ready to find your luck? Grab a copy now!

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