Thursday, February 27, 2014


If you love red-hot explosive romantic suspense novels, this one is for you. Thirty years ago, the Garcia family disappeared on the face of the earth. In Shattered, nothing what it appeared to be or what it seemed. Lisa Grant worked for the DA's office in her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. When she uncovered their cold case file, she set things in motion and uncovered deep surprising secrets. Scott Buchanan was the DA and her boss. With a wary eye, he watched her back and helped her on the case. Although Lisa's rich and he's poor, there's red-hot chemistry that goes way back to when they were kids. Along the way, someone wanted to stop Lisa from going further to find the answers, putting herself and her family in danger. And they suspected everyone she was close to, when more family secrets and revelations turned up from the grave. Together they discovered the truth and the power of love between them, when her life remained dangling on the line until the end.

This was a powerful romantic suspense. I loved the Kentucky background and the small town connections. I loved how Lisa became a strong main lead character. I believe Scott and Lisa would make a good couple together. I did feel bad for Marisol and the family that was killed. There was some characters I couldn't care less about. I loved Lisa's mom, until she died in the car accident. This was beautiful and heartfelt with lots of action, explosive sexual chemistry, and great drama.

Ready to fall to pieces? Pick up a copy today!

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