Thursday, February 6, 2014

Deer Season

In Deer Season, the third book in the Ray Elkins Thriller series by Aaron Stander, it all started with an accidental shooting from a high school student in the midst of a Michigan winter. This was nothing, but people practicing for target practice for hunting season for deer. When Sheriff Ray Elkins was on the scene, it was up to his team to get down to the bottom of it. And when TV reporter Lynne Boyd came to Ray about a stalker with threatening letters via mail, it took a turn for the worse, when she was shot in cold blood. In this fast-paced mystery, we saw Ray face an interesting array of characters and how he operated with his team for his investigation. There was many twists and turns on this mystery, when things came altogether with some bad blood and family secrets on Round Island. Before another person became a victim of the shooter's prey, things got heated to a drastic ending for a conclusion. This is good for a quick and easy read.

This was a great mystery or thriller to sink your teeth into. I loved the backdrop of a Michigan winter, when things got cold and chilling. The Round Island subplot made for good interesting reading as well. I loved to get to know more about Ray's friends and lady love. I did feel a pang of heartache for Lynne's family, especially her twin brothers. I couldn't care less for her soon-to-be ex-husband. I loved how things came to a-head, when everything wound up in a full circle. Great drama and plenty of non-stop action to keep you reading to the end.

Ready for a cold winter? Warm up with a copy this week!

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