Friday, February 21, 2014

Well-Schooled in Murder

If you love a real good mystery set in England, you'll love the third installment of the Inspector Lynley series. In Well-Schooled in Murder, when a student was gone missing from a school, it was up to New Scotland Yard to send out their very best. And when Matthew Whateley turned up dead, then it became a serious matter between them all. For Havers, who had some family issues to contend with at home, it was up to her and Lynley to talk to everyone involved with Matthew's life at home and in school. The closer they get to know to the truth, the more embroiled they were in truth and danger. With every twisting turn ahead of them, there were more players involved in the scandal.  Everything's not what it seemed at the prep school, when there were secrets and lies at every angle. We rooted for Lynley and Havers to discover the true culprit or culprits and feel a tug in our heart for Matthew's family at the shocking truth behind it all. It struck a chord nowadays to what's going on at home.

This was a fantastic Lynley and Havers English mystery. I liked when they worked together to fight the bad guys and to solve the murder. I thought the concept of a prep school murder and bullying worked well together for this novel. I loved the English and Welsh backdrop to paint the scene. I didn't like the concept of bullying nowadays in novels. But I thought it was well played out. I did feel sorry for the Whateleys and for some of the students in the school. Great drama, nice storyline plot, and good intense action.

Ready to get schooled? Give this one a try today!

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