Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lie Down with Lions

Ken Follett's Lie Down with Lions wasn't just your ordinary thriller. Set in the backdrop of the Soviet-Afghan War, in part of the Cold War, there was a love triangle,  during one of the toughest and longest war in decades. In the course of three years, we follow the love story between Jane, a nurse, and her battle for love during war with Ellis, an American CIA operative, and Jean-Pierre, a Frenchman for the opposition. From Washington D.C. to Afghanistan, we watched how everything unfolded from Jane's main POV, along with JP's and Ellis's, too. We learned everything on life in Afghanistan, how they operated and treated woman, which was no different than how they treated females nowadays. Jane experienced it all. With lies and betrayal, there was deception and love in the midst of it, while an ongoing war was fierce and deadly, which is no exception. This is part historical romance, part historical fiction, and part thriller. If you love novels set during any type of war, you'll love this one, too. Five stars!

This was another great historical fiction/romance by Ken Follett. With the backdrop of the Afghan war during the 1980s, it really painted the scene for this novel.  From Europe to the USA and Afghanistan, the settings were really fantastic. I felt so much compassion and heartache for Jane and Ellis, even for her own daughter. I didn't like JP that much or his Russian compatriots. He was such a cold-hearted calculated man.  The wartime scenes were really gruesome and tough to swallow so many vivid imagery. From the start to the end, you'll be fighting along with them to win the war.

Ready to save a life in a war-torn country? Check this out today!

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