Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scent to Her Grave

If you like to read something different for a change in cozies, pamper yourself with India Ink's Scent to Her Grave in the Bath and Body Mystery series. Persia Vanderbilt owned and worked at Venus Envy,a bath and body shop dealing with fragrances and facials in Gull Harbor, an island across from Seattle, Washington. She didn't expect to get embroiled into a mystery or into a perplexed love triangle, too. When Lydia Wang had gotten killed in her shop, it could mean more than bad business for her shop. We followed Persia in her journey to prove her friend's innocence and stepped into the heart of danger looming over her. While Lydia's enemies had more than an ax to grind, Persia had to watch over her back and fend over danger her own way. While dealing with her crazy ex-boyfriend, she had a childhood friend and a new love interest vie over her. This is an unique cozy series that might pique your interest.

This was a fun new cozy debut to try.  I did love to learn about Persia's life and her family background. Gull Harbor sounded like an unique Washington town. I loved the theme of the bath and body work of a spa for this short-lived cozy series. I did feel a ting pang for Lydia though. I did like Persia with her new love interest than a childhood friend or her crazy. With bonus tips, this bubbly cozy had a hint of drama and a dash of mystery.

Ready to get cleaned up? Give this cozy a try!

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