Saturday, February 1, 2014

You Cannoli Die Once

Bongiorno! Welcome to Miracolo, a family-owned Italian Restaurant in Quaker Hills, PA. Eve Angelotta was the head chef and discovered a dead body in her kitchen in Shelley Costa's You Cannoli Die Once, the first installment in the Miracolo Mystery series. Later on, she discovered he was her nonna's boyfriend. And when Maria Pia was a suspect for his murder, she would do everything to clear her name. Besides running the restaurant, she kept everything in check, including her cousins and her best friend Dana. The digger she dug into the murder, the more dangerous the situation it was for her. And when she fell for Mark Metcalf, a potential love interest, things weren't the way it seemed. But sparks flew between her and hot lawyer, Joe Beck. With the lot of happenings going on in Quaker Hills, she learned more than she bargained for. There was a shocking twist and turned close to the end on who was the real culprit and why. Bon appetit! This culinary cozy had some yummy recipes to make for your home, too!

I love the background of an Italian restaurant for the setting. It made everything authentic as an Italian. The delicious yummy Italian recipes in the back of the book are to die for. I loved the connection between Eve and Joe when they first met. This is another great cozy when a small community stuck together throughout crises. Mark Metcalf was a doofus! I hated him at first sight of reading this book.

Hungry for Italian food? Check out this book today!

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