Monday, February 10, 2014

The Novice's Tale

If you like a mystery set in a historical fiction setting, this series is the one of you. A few years ago, I've read  The Reeve's Tale. And today, I've read The Novice's Tale by the late Margaret Frazer, who perished a year ago.  In the Sister Frevisse Mystery series, we entered the world of Medieval England, when kings ruled the world. Sister Frevisse was a hosteler for the St. Frideswide Convent. When Novice Thomasine wanted to become a nun, it wasn't what it seemed. First her step-aunt tormented her and made a racket in the nunnery. Through Sister Frevisse's eyes, she witnessed everything in her church. When two people wound up dead in the convent, one night after another, it was up to Frevisse and her nuns to find out what happened and what went wrong, when they've pieced together this twisted puzzle. In fear of Thomasine being in danger of the real killer, it was a matter of question of picking a certain poison and why. And the real culprit was a shocker of pure evil, and who would've been next to join the dead.

This was a great introduction to the series. I loved how it was centered in the Renaissance/Medieval era period. We do get a sense of how things were back then and how people lived by those customs. I liked how Sister Frevisse was the lead character, when you learn more about the convents back then. I did feel bad for Thomasine and didn't like her sister and her brother-in-law much. The same went for her step-mother. This was packed with drama and suspense with a twist or two. This was an enjoyable read.

Ready for a trip back in time? Grab a copy today! 

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