Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Red Tide

If you love a great compelling thriller, you'll enjoy this one from Peg Brantley. For Search and Rescue dog handler, Jamie Taylor, she was on her toughest assignment yet. Someone was out there after her and making a move on her and her family. When new bodies turned up with the old, those secrets came from the grave. A madman was out there, concocting the perfect experiment to kill humans unknowingly. She went toe-to-toe to FBI Agent Nick Grant, who wasn't much of a dog lover, and worked with her to solve the case and save her life. Someone placed her loved ones on pressure for money--and it became personal, when someone she loved was on his victim list. This one left you chilled and breathless with shocking twists and turns to keep you guessing whodunit and why in the end in Red Tide.

This was an intense thriller with some ecological factors. It could be almost considered as a eco-thriller, too. I loved Jamie's compassion to protect her father and her sister from trouble, and for searching people with her dog. That made her a strong character with tough skin. I also loved the backdrop too with such vivid colors to paint the crime scene. I thought Nick was a puzzling guy and somebody who wanted to protect his own daughter, too. I loved how they came together to bond and come across with the creepy killer. A light read with a splash of action and plenty of drama to boot.

Don't get knocked over! Grab a copy today!

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