Monday, February 3, 2014

Pirate Latitudes

Pirate Latitudes was the best Michael Crichton ever wrote, right before he died in 2008. His finest yet for his literary swan song. This was about privateer Charles Hunter's adventure on the great blue ocean as a pirate in the 1600s. From Jamaica Colony to Mataceneros, Spain, this had everything you could expect for everything he had written in the past--action adventure, historical facts and tons of drama for a thriller with a hint of romance. This would be even great as a future film. From start to finish, you'll root for Hunter and his uncanny crew to journey north. And when he returned, he didn't get much for a hero's welcome, when the tables had been turned on him. Charles Hunter was the final one to have his own say. You'll root for his foiled nemesis to walk the dreaded plank. Well done!

For this historical thriller, this one was packed with a punch. To set the scenes as a privateer in the 1600s, this had the makings of a fine novel. I did love the Jamaica, England and Spain locations, when he sailed on his pirate ship. I also liked Charles Hunter and hated the people who wanted to do him in. They were too many to name or to remember. This packed tons of drama and action with every twisted turn you can ever imagine. You would be awed and amazed with this one fine novel.

Ready to sail the high seas? Grab a copy of the book tonight!

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