Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Woman Betrayed

In A Woman Betrayed, Barbara Delinsky gave us a heart-wrenching novel right from the start. Laura Frye thought she had it all: a perfect marriage, a loving husband and terrific family, and a successful business. But when her husband disappeared one night, that's when her perfect world came unraveling. One thing after another, she'd been scrutinized by the public eye in the press and by her mother. In multiple POVs from Laura to Jeff, Daphne and Taylor and Christian, we saw how this situation unfolded. More secrets and lies kept on coming, when she thought she knew her husband well, while her family fell apart at the seams. Other people jumped on the band wagon. When her brother-in-law returned from Tahiti to help out, we watched how things collide and get heated. Not only have Laura been betrayed by Jeff, by others as well in the shocking conclusion. The tough lesson we'll take away from this is no one's perfect and not to take life and love for granted. This is a beautiful novel about it all.

This was a heart-breaking woman's fiction about trust, fidelity, and newfound love. My heart ached for Laura and her family, when her husband disappeared to start a new life. It cracked more, when his evil and ugly secrets came out in the open. I also felt the same kind of sorrow for Christian as well, when her came out in the open and said goodbye before he faked his death. I felt bad for her kids as well. I loved how Daphne and Taylor got there to work on this disturbing case, I loved the locations featured in this novel. This would make you feel sad and cry happy tears in the end. Great drama, terrific suspense, and a fresh breath of air for a new love.

Check this out today!

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