Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan was the second installment in the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. Becky Bloomwood was in debt again, and she was in over her head, while things were going strong with her and Luke. When there was word of a move to New York, she didn't know what to believe, until she heard it from Luke. Whey they moved to New York, her debt and her problems chased her there, while things were complicated for her relationship with Luke, as she was obsessed with his business, which was falling apart. When word hit New York, her life fell apart, and they had a row. While  they were trying to fix things, it worsened until it exploded, until she moved back home to clean up her debt, and did things on her own. Luke did chase her down to New York with a proposal of his own. Another great book in the series.

This was another charming chick lit novel for the Shopaholic series, though I haven't finished reading the series, when it was out of order. I loved the dual locations of London and NYC for this explosive and hilarious chick lit. I thought of Becky and Luke's relationship were charming as well, while they've tried to work things out. I loved the hilarious witty bits inside of it too. Like in real life, we all have to watch our budgets to avoid debt, especially when shopping. Great witty charm, nice storyline, with a sizzling chemistry between Becky and Luke.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

On September 15th, my book review blog has received its first blog award ever by Angela Donner at Library Book Reads. Now, I'm displaying the award and will be hunting for 15 new blogs this week to pick the winner of this award. Check it out.

Mad Mouse

In Chris Grabenstein's Mad Mouse, the 2nd book in the John Ceepak mystery series, they return to Sea Haven to solve another mystery. When Danny and his friends were hanging out, preparing for the Labor Day fair, someone struck them with a paintball. But when there was flying bullets aiming for them, it wasn't for fun. Someone was out to get them, making Danny and his friends prime targets of a sniper. When one of his friends had gotten shot and another one was murdered, it was more than random hits...it became personal, especially with 1996 Derek Jeter baseball trading cards as clues, along with comics. It was up to Danny and Ceepak to find out who was the sniper. And when they find him, they'll discover another surprise with a shocking twist. Another great mystery for a quick read.

This was another humorous and suspenseful John Ceepak mystery. I continued to care about Danny and Ceepak, especially when his friends were injured and murdered by those bullets. I loved the central location of Sea Haven down the Jersey shore for this series. This would keep you in suspense and intrigued with every page turn with shocking twists and turns to keep you guessing. Great drama, excellent intrigue and suspense with lots of non-stop action and mystery straight to the end.

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 In Effigies, the third installment in the Faye Longchamp series by Mary Anna Evans,  Faye and Joe were in Mississippi on another archeological site, when there's a lot of problems going on over there. First, there was this mound the owner wouldn't let anybody touch. During a protest, they were almost bulldozed over in the way. Then, during a chase, a murder happened, where everyone became a suspect, when they found an arrowhead. At a fair, a popular politician announced he was almost lynched by a KKK member, back in the '60s, when racial hatred was hot, and wanted justice on who saved his life, and who wanted him dead. To make matters worse, someone poisoned him with his medication. While Faye and Joe found out what went on, they couldn't believe who was behind all of this, now and then, and why. Even Faye discovered a hint of romance with Joe in their blossoming relationship. Another good read. 

This was a tense archeological series. I loved how it dealt with the history of our past, when racial tensions went high on racism and prejudice. I continue to love how it dealt with an archeological treasure as the twist. I loved how this brought Faye and Joe closer together. I thought to have the location in the deep south as in Mississippi were perfect for this tough storyline. Great drama, good action and a spark of chemistry, too.

Ready to find an effigy? Give this one a try!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Have You Seen Her?

In Karen Rose's Have You Seen Her?, the 2nd installment in the romantic suspense series, this dealt with Special Agent Steven Thatcher, when he was on a hunt for a serial killer. He delicately handled issues with his family and meddling aunt. He also became jealous, when he fell in love with Jenna Marshall, his eldest son's high school chemistry teacher. Not only that, she dealt with vandalism and other crimes that hit close to her home or school, when she failed the star quarterback in class. A lot of pressure was coming from the other side, when scare tactics escalated and missing high school cheerleaders turned up dead under their noses. And they suspected everyone who was suspicious, with a shocking twist close to the end on who was really the serial killer. What a great rush to read. 

This was another spectacular romantic suspense. I cared about Steven and Jenna and her high school students. This novel handled school shootings/killings in the most gentlest and less violent way. I loved the North and South Carolina dual locations for this novel, too. This made me moan and groan and shake my head in maddening disbelief. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and hot romance, and plenty of intrigue all the way to the shocking ending.

Have you read Have You Seen Her? If not, please check it out today!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Fine and Bitter Snow

If you love a good easy read, you'll enjoy this mystery. It's the fifth in the Kate Shugak series and is set in Alaska. In A Fine and Bitter Snow, one of Kate's friends, Dan O'Brien, is pressured to go into early retirement by not going "green." It's up to Kate to start the campaign to get his job back. When two of Kate's grandparents's friends, Ruthe and Dina are attacked, Dan's hands are covered with blood. With Dina gone and Ruthe clinging to life, it's up to Kate and Jim to figure out who done it and why, especially when someone else is killed, and before Kate's next. With a close knit of suspects, it's anyone's guess.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Frill Kill

In Frill Kill, Carmela Bertrand gets entangled into a crime, when someone got murdered in the back alley, and she'd gotten attacked. Nonetheless, it helped her best friend's business bloom along with her own scrapbooking shop. Carmela and her friends tried to find out who framed one of Ava's employers, when they'd gotten invested in circus acts and fashion, along with a love triangle for Carmela, battling between her soon-to-be ex-husband, and a hasty news reporter. A great new cozy with great crafty ideas.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beyond Reach

This is a powerful thriller by Karin Slaughter. This is the sixth book in the Grant county series, though I'm reading the series out of order. In Beyond Reach, When Detective Lena Adams ends up in trouble, it's up to her boss, Chief Jeffrey Tolliver and his wife, Sara Linton, to come to her rescue. Not knowingly, she's entwined into a mess of corrupt cops and small town lies in a small Georgia Town. Even for Lena, she discovers the truth on her twin sister and her mother. With every twist and turn, there's a shocking twist in the end. What a powerful read.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Search

This  was another smash hit for Nora Roberts's romantic suspense. Set in Orcas Island, Washington, Fiona Bristow was a search and dog rescue handler, and a survivor from great loss from eight years ago, when her fiancĂ© and his dog was killed by a serial killer. When she met Simon Doyle, she had gotten more than she bargained for, when she taught his dog obedience as her new client. Now, years later, when there was a trail of missing women who were found there, there was a new killer to finish off the job, when the serial killer left off,and went off script. It was up to Fiona to beat him to the punch, and find new happiness with Simon, the man she now loves in The Search.