Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Have You Seen Her?

In Karen Rose's Have You Seen Her?, the 2nd installment in the romantic suspense series, this dealt with Special Agent Steven Thatcher, when he was on a hunt for a serial killer. He delicately handled issues with his family and meddling aunt. He also became jealous, when he fell in love with Jenna Marshall, his eldest son's high school chemistry teacher. Not only that, she dealt with vandalism and other crimes that hit close to her home or school, when she failed the star quarterback in class. A lot of pressure was coming from the other side, when scare tactics escalated and missing high school cheerleaders turned up dead under their noses. And they suspected everyone who was suspicious, with a shocking twist close to the end on who was really the serial killer. What a great rush to read. 

This was another spectacular romantic suspense. I cared about Steven and Jenna and her high school students. This novel handled school shootings/killings in the most gentlest and less violent way. I loved the North and South Carolina dual locations for this novel, too. This made me moan and groan and shake my head in maddening disbelief. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and hot romance, and plenty of intrigue all the way to the shocking ending.

Have you read Have You Seen Her? If not, please check it out today!

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