Sunday, September 26, 2010


 In Effigies, the third installment in the Faye Longchamp series by Mary Anna Evans,  Faye and Joe were in Mississippi on another archeological site, when there's a lot of problems going on over there. First, there was this mound the owner wouldn't let anybody touch. During a protest, they were almost bulldozed over in the way. Then, during a chase, a murder happened, where everyone became a suspect, when they found an arrowhead. At a fair, a popular politician announced he was almost lynched by a KKK member, back in the '60s, when racial hatred was hot, and wanted justice on who saved his life, and who wanted him dead. To make matters worse, someone poisoned him with his medication. While Faye and Joe found out what went on, they couldn't believe who was behind all of this, now and then, and why. Even Faye discovered a hint of romance with Joe in their blossoming relationship. Another good read. 

This was a tense archeological series. I loved how it dealt with the history of our past, when racial tensions went high on racism and prejudice. I continue to love how it dealt with an archeological treasure as the twist. I loved how this brought Faye and Joe closer together. I thought to have the location in the deep south as in Mississippi were perfect for this tough storyline. Great drama, good action and a spark of chemistry, too.

Ready to find an effigy? Give this one a try!

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