Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hell's Belles

Meet Jesse aka Jezebel. She wasn't your ordinary female. She was a demon on the run from Hell, a succubus who changed into a female human form. From Salem MA to NYC, she learned a lot about human life in Jackie Kessler's Hell's Belles. When she fell for Paul, she hid her secret from evil and those who inhabited other humans as their hosts. She came across some interesting characters, especially when she posed as an exotic dancer and experienced an universal love. We experienced what led Jezebel down the road to run from Hell in flashbacks from past to present. There was a lot of humorous interaction when this uncanny female demon had an infectious sense of humor. Danger, love and plenty of laughs in this urban fantasy-paranormal romance that's out of world... from Hell and beyond.

This was a great introduction to urban fantasy. To have a female demon as the lead was priceless in more ways than one. I liked how we were flashed back and forth to see how she'd gotten to where she was today.. as an exotic dancer. I did feel bad for her, since she had Hell chasing her, come fire or high water. I loved how she had sparking chemistry with Paul. I also loved the Salem and NYC locations as well too. This was packed with hilarious humor, tons of drama and good action. You would also fall in love with the series.

Ready to meet Jesse? Why don't you give this a try?

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