Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Knock Out

In the 13th installment of the FBI thriller series by Catherine Coulter, it was really a Knock Out of a story--in two ways than one. It all started, when there was a bank robbery in action and the ensuing aftermath. Two young robbers were out for blood, seeking revenge, and wanted Dillon Savich dead. They wrecked havoc everywhere they went, while they were on the run and hiding out. Meanwhile, young Autumn Backman needed Dillon's help with a sticky family situation down South. With her peculiar psychic ability, she connected to him via her telepathy. Back and forth, they helped Sheriff Ethan Merriweather with Autumn's uncles who wanted her for their own sick cult. They gave everyone a knockout of their own with their psychic power and stymie them to do whatever they want by looking into their eyes. He fought the Backman family with a dose of his own medicine of his own with Lacey Sherlock, before their lives were on the line. Lots of action, drama, high-intense suspense throughout this thriller to give you a knockout punch of your own. TKO!

This was a fascinating storyline with a helluva angle for a plotline. I loved how Lacey and Dillon came to the aid of poor Autumn, who was caught up in a big mess.  I loved the California angle, when it went down to Alabama and other parts of the deep south. I did feel bad for Autumn and her mom. I didn't like her family one bit. But I loved the connection between Ethan and Autumn's mom. The cult angle was a shocking twist or two on how they manipulated people at their own wicked expense. Great drama, good suspenseful action, and a whopper for a thriller.

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