Thursday, January 23, 2014


This may be set up like a true crime novel. In actuality, this was a standalone from Scottish crime writer, Denise Mina. When Lachlan's wife was in jail, awaiting her sentencing for her murders, it was up to him to discover the truth of what's fact or fiction, when he wanted to help plan for her appeal. The closer the truth he got, the more Susie avoided telling him the truth and played mind games with him, after she went to prison. Between fighting for his wife's life, raising their infant daughter and dodging the press, it was more for him to bear, when he discovered more secrets from his wife. In truth, she's a psychopath and ruthless. You have to feel for Lachlan and poor Margie. There was some shocking twists and turns close to the end, which blew Lachlan away and puts the end to the madness in Deception.

I really felt bad for Lachlan and Margie to go through such ordeal. I didn't like it, how Lachlan fell in love with the nanny. Talk about strange love! I loved the depictions in Scotland and in the prison, when Lachlan felt like he was a pariah. I couldn't feel much for Susie, except for such numbness. I loved the dramatic twists and turns in the end. So I won't say much about the surprise ending, since it was quite factual-based, too.

Don't be deceived! Pick up a copy today!

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