Thursday, January 9, 2014

Love on Mimosa Lane

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Elizabeth  Barrett Browning said it best, when she penned her classic poem. In Love on Mimosa Lane, you'll fall in love in the third installment of the Seasons of the Heart series. Read in part of the series or stand alone, this one will pull at your heart strings for sure. Chandlerville was a small close-knit community in Georgia, still recovering and healing from a school shooting, months ago. All Lawrence "Law" Beaumont wanted was a safe place to raise his daughter and to bring them together. When Kristen Hemmings, the assistant principal at his daughter's school asked him to coach a troubled student in his soccer team, from there, the love affair started from the residents. Trust, love, friendship, honesty and faith were the keys for the essential key ingredients in this beautiful contemporary romance. There was love in the air between Kristen and Law, when it wasn't easy with his vindictive ex-wife Libby making threats. There was love of a community who stuck and came together. A love between parents, biological and foster, to their kids. This novel pulled at your heartstrings, when you fall in love with Law and Kristen's romance and root them on to belong together.

This was a most definitely a five-star contemporary romance to move you to tears and melt your heart. This was a terrific love story about belonging to a small community and to find one as your soul mate. I loved the backdrop of Chandlerville, Georgia, for the small-town knit community that have been rocked by a school tragedy. I loved how Kristen Hemmings took charge as the new principal for the school and connected with the staff and students. I loved how Law changed to be a better father for his own daughter. They had a great group of friends and neighbors to help support them. I didn't care for much for Law's ex, who wasn't a great mother to his daughter either.  A great romance that's filled with a hint of drama about the matters in the heart.

Ready to go to Mimosa Lane? Grab a copy today!

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