Monday, January 13, 2014

The Unlikely Spy

Like the old adage went: All is fair in love and war. But all bets were off, when it's World War Two. From USA to England and Germany in Europe, that's a war brewing between Hitler and Churchill in this historical espionage thriller. This had a little bit of everything for a good thriller to get you hooked and caught up in the action. The Unlikely Spy was about one female spy who changed everything for war and risked her life--and her heart. Catherine Blake wasn't your ordinary woman. It was just a ruse and a fa├žade. Peter Jordan worked for the Navy as an engineer, a widower with a young son back at home, who fell for her. And Albert Vicary was on the trail to cover her tracks. Like a ping-pong match, you witnessed how the Germans, the Brits and the Americans, fought in this long war. With historical accurate action with a fictional twist, there were so many surprises in store for this novel with a devastating ending. This stand alone will get you hooked into his two spy thriller series as well.

This was an excellent historical thriller that took place during the second World War. I did feel sad for Peter, when he lost his wife and worked on a top-secret job working on the bridge. I liked Vicary, who was lonely and craved intriguing attention. We do get to be in the front row seat for this action-packed novel with real life events and characters from the past. I didn't care for much for Catherine Blake, who used everyone to her own gain. I did feel true emotions for Jenny, who wanted to be free from her father and fell for a German soldier. Every character had a central side story to this gripping novel from page one to the end.

Ready for a thrill ride? Check this stand alone novel today! 

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