Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tunnel Vision

In Gary Braver's Tunnel Vision, he asked the age old question about life and death, and if there was an afterlife. In the first part, it dealt with Zack Kashian's bicycle accident. For months, he was in a coma and then woke up to speak in Aramaic. People believed he was a miracle and to heal like Jesus. In the second part, we were introduced to some religious-crazed heinous people who experiment on near-death experiences. But there was a hit man out there on a religious bent. Although there were some religious overtones over here, it asked about the boundaries of religion and science, no matter what your religion was. When Zack's suspension grew deeper and darker, it freaked him out. With Sarah as his close ally, it made him wonder and to step away. And when truth became reality before it settled in, it made him want to dig deep the truth to a shocking ending, where all roads lead to a divine intervention and a satisfying conclusion. A nice crossover with science fiction/religion inserted into this pulse-racing medical thriller.

This thriler enthralled me with religious and scientific elements. From the start, I cared about Zack, since he had a bicycle accident and went into the coma. I didn't care for much who preyed on his vulnerability with that secret medical society. I loved the connection between Sarah and Zack.  They had great chemistry together. I also cared for Zack, when he went to search for his long-lost father, until he died. That was moving and touching as I cried tears. This explored the phenomenon of miracles of a religious nature.

Ready to talk to God? Give this one a go today!

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