Friday, January 24, 2014

The Ice Princess

In Camilla Lackberg's debut Swedish crime thriller, The Ice Princess,  she took us to the dark side of Sweden. When Erica Falck, a Swedish true crime writer, discovered her childhood friend was dead in her bathtub, she started on the path to discover who killed her friend. Between that latest discovery, she dealt with a crisis with her sister and her evil brother-in-law for a battle of her childhood home. As the police start the investigation on her friend's murder, she teamed up with her childhood flame, Patrik Hedstrom. Together, they unraveled family secrets and her friend's hidden past, when it was now connected to a disappearance of a resident from a long-time ago and another murder. Many surprises were in store for Erica and Patrik, when someone was the real culprit in Sweden.

This was a wonderful introduction to the Erica Falck series. We do get to know more about her Swedish life as a true crime writer and to her family. I loved how she was brought into the smack of a middle of a crime that hit too close to home, while she was embroiled on her own family drama. I enjoyed her and her sister, but didn't care too much for her icky brother-in-law. I loved the chemistry between Erika and Patrik too. Nice drama, great suspense, and a hint of love into this brilliant crime debut.

Ready to make a cold trip to Sweden? Pack up with a copy today!

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