Sunday, January 5, 2014

Doing Harm

You'll be hooked on the first page in this thrill ride for debut author Kelly Parsons. I had the privilege of reading this via Netgalley with his debut medical thriller, Doing Harm. Told in first person and in real time, you'll be taken in with action-packed, page-turning, adrenalin-rushed novel. Dr. Stephen Mitchell was an upcoming surgeon in a prominent university hospital with a promising career as a medical professor. He loved his career as a surgeon and his family, too. When when he met his medical student, Gigi Maxwell, all bets were off. She was the most wicked person around and messed with his mind. Via Steven's mind, we saw what he'd seen, when she turned his world around and exploded it. When two of his patients died on his watch, he later learned it was nothing but a sicked perverted game of life and death, a cat-and-mouse game to the finish with every scene. You'll be rooting for Steven along the way and booing for Gigi, the most heinous villainess you'll ever met in a novel. This was a future best-seller on your hands.

I loved the Boston backdrop in this excellent medical thriller. I adored Steven and his devotion to his career and family, while trying to make both ends meet. I hated Gigi for everything she was and stood for.  She made me cringe and my hair crawl, like a stray black cat. I hated when one of Steven's colleagues had gotten killed in the mix-up. I really felt bad for Sally as well. Some characters I couldn't stand as well. But you would really love this book with action-packed suspense and borderline medical drama.

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