Saturday, January 18, 2014

No One Left to Tell

Family secrets, murder, dirty cops and politicians, that's what Paige Holden and Grayson Smith had uncovered in Karen Rose's No One Left to Tell, the 13th book in the romantic suspense series. When Paige planned to meet Elena Munoz to talk about her case, someone eliminated her, when she died in Paige's hands. From there, it started a shocking chain reaction across Baltimore. Paige had her old wounds and secrets that she dared to keep, when she fled from her life from her best friend's death. When she ran into Grayson Smith, he had  stunning secret of his own. As they come together and join forces, the chemistry between them heated up and started a firestorm. The closer they were finding out the truth, they get closer to their own perilous attempts of death. Before they know it, they would have no one to tell them the truth before it was too late. And the shocking twist was in the ending.

This was another intense and explosive romantic suspense from Karen Rose. I did care about Gray and Paige, when they both harbored dangerous secrets that brought them closer together. I loved the Baltimore location for this novel, too. This would make you feel cold and numb all over and shaking in the end. Great drama, very good non-stop action and lots of tension, and plenty of intrigue and hot romance, too.

Will you have no one left to tell about this great book? Check it out now!

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