Monday, January 6, 2014

I'll Walk Alone

In I'll Walk Alone, Mary Higgins Clark introduced us to a shocking and twisted tale of identity theft. Two years ago, Alexandra "Zan" Moreland's three-year-old son went missing without a trace. Now when new photographs of her abducting her own son from her stroller showed up, they shone the same spotlight on her and proclaimed her guilt. When the stacked odds were against her, she'll do anything to prove her innocence. For Zan as a rising star in interior design, someone wanted to stick it to her. Her former boss and rival, her former son's babysitter, and even her ex-husband. But there's someone who's even more sinister to do her in and had someone imitating her and ruining her in by hacking her accounts and making her look real bad. In this spine-tingling mystery, the shocking truth on who really done it and why in the end, when Zan walked alone, exonerated, with her head held high. MHC's the queen of suspense did it again with a quick read.

This was one of her finest ones yet to date. I hated the people who blamed Zan for her own abduction of her son. Everyone was out to get her. I didn't like her former boss or her ex-husband. But when the identity theft happened to her, I knew she wasn't guilty at all. I cared for Zan and hoped everything would be okay. I liked the whole story. It gave me goosebumps and made me sigh and cringe.

Ready to catch an identity thief? Give this one a go!

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