Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mystral Murder

If you like a light read for your Kindle, try Lee Hanson's Mystral Murder, the third installment in the Julie O'Hara series. When Julie, a body language expert, and Joe, her significant other, embarked on the Mystral cruise, there was adventure and danger on the high seas from Florida to the Caribbean. When Adrienne Paradis went overboard, everyone was a suspect in Julie's eyes... even Joe, who had an alcohol problem. There was drama, suspense, and a hint of a humorous romance in here. When Julie caught on to the true suspect, it was up to her and Joe to stop her, before she was the next one drowning in the water. This had a little of something for everybody here.

 This was a lovely new cozy for me to read. I enjoyed Julie used her skills as a body language expert to solve this murder. Eye contact, body language and lip sync were the silent cues she picked up as well. I liked the chemistry she had for Joe, someone she cared for much. I didn't care Michelle for much in the beginning, until we got to know her better. I didn't like Gabriel either. Any mysteries set on water makes it more amusing than ever to solve a crime.

Ready to come aboard on this mystery? Try this mystery today!

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