Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swimming with the Dead

Take a break from the cold and hit the tropical waters in the British Virgin Islands. That's where Kathy Brandt took us in her debut novel in her underwater investigation cozy series. Hannah Sampson was a Denver cop and on assignment. When someone murdered the local secretary in her boss's office from a break-in, it set the scene for this wild mystery. By request of her boss to find out who killed his son in the BVI from a diving excursion, Hannah Sampson headed to the islands by assignment. With her scuba diving expertise for search and rescue in recovery, her arrival to the British Virgin Islands was nothing but a warm rescue. From there, people claimed it was an "accidental drowning." It was up to Hannah to dispel the truth, when she went under the water and found out for herself, when she learned more about his life. She found love and friends over there. From Hannah's POV, we learned more about her past and heartaches, and how she loved to scuba and sail on the water. The closer the truth she was to finding out, the more dangerous she was above and under the surface of the water. Under the sea, there lies within the answers she sought after in Swimming with the Dead...

This was an intense and dramatic mystery. I loved the concept of underwater investigations and in tropical locations. From Florida to the Caribbean, it had a certain flair to it. I loved Hannah and her love of adventure for solving crimes in the water. I loved some of her Bahamaian friends she made with and one she had fallen for. You really get a sense of being under the sea with intricate scenic descriptions.

Get ready to take a splash! Check out a copy today!

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  1. Thank you for the review, Kristen! I'm so pleased you liked the book. There are three more in the series available as e-books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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