Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dead Scared

If you love dark thrillers, you'll enjoy this one from SJ Bolton.  Dead Scared is the second book in the Lacey Flint series. When DC Lacey Flint went undercover in Cambridge University from her SO, she learned about the darkness and the rash happenings of student suicides. Or was it? Lacey posed as Laura Farrow and witnessed a brutal treatment. We followed Lacey's undercover investigation in the college, while Dr. Evi Oliver helped her out with her own findings. Someone played a dark game of bringing out the fears from them and used it to their advantage. The closer they came to the truth, the more they found out who messed with their minds and how they did it by picking out their victims. Through their eyes, they uncovered the hidden patterns and the dark history behind it.  It was pretty dark, shocking, and a lightning fast thrill ride on one cold winter in Cambridge, England.

I loved how we learn about Lacey's and Evi's background and their secrets fears. I became concerned and scared myself for Evi, when she suffered from PTSD as someone close to them preyed on their emotions. The gripping hook in the beginning and the intense conclusion in the end makes you want to hold onto your hates like a plunging roller coaster ride. The backdrop of the English countryside made for picturesque scenery. I hated the college students and the evil people they hooked up in their own secret society on torturing young and vulnerable people. This would give you goosebumps and accelerate your heart rate, when we experienced what Lacey and Evi did in this dark thriller that would leave you with chills and breathless in Dead Scared. 

 Check out this British thriller and leave the lights on today!

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