Thursday, December 12, 2013

Revenge of Innocents

In the 4th installment of the Carolyn Sullivan series, Revenge of Innocents, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg delivered us a shocker and took us a dark side. While planning her wedding to Marcus, Carolyn learned about her best friend's death. From there, she became entangled into a web of lies and deceit and other family secrets. When she became the legal guardian of her oldest daughter Jude, she didn't know what to believe between fact and fiction. We watched how emotionally involved she was to the case that pushed her to the limit. She took her career seriously, while others helped her pick up the pieces to this startling dark legal thriller. We see how she unraveled, while trying to keeping it together. This one delivered us a sucker-punch. I wished Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's wrote new books.

This legal thriller dealt with hard core topics of abuse, eating disorders, and murder. This was like a bitter pill to swallow and so much more. I did hold my breath and let it out a couple of times, since it dealt with nitty-gritty subject matters. I felt bad for Carolyn, when all this stuff have happened. I didn't like Jude so much or her father Brad.  I adored Marcus, Carolyn's son John and her daughter. I was so happy that they finally got to make things final between them as a family. I could see how devoted Carolyn was to her career as a probation officer.

Go out and check out this legal thriller today!

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