Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Silver Needle Murder

If culinary cozies are your average cup of tea, this series is for you. Laura Childs introduced us to Theodosia Browning and her interesting array of characters in her tea shop series in Death by Darjeeling. In the ninth installment of the Tea Shop Mystery series, the Silver Needle Murder, when one of the judges was found dead at the local awards show, she was asked to fill in his shoes. For Theo, that was a tall order for her to fill. Along the way, while she ran her tea shop demands, things were daunting, when new revelations came out about the victim. The more deeper we watched her dig her heels in, the more threatening it had gotten for her. And a producer had his eyes on her, when we observed her romance blossom with Parker. And when her close friend ended up murdered, we would be amazed who's behind the act, when the world of  documentary film-making was more than a cutthroat business. This is a delightful cozy with tea recipes and tips.

This is another spectacular culinary tea cozy.  This shone a spotlight on the Hollywood side of things in a small town. There was an interesting love triangle here between Theo, Parker and Johnny. But jealousy could be a dangerous thing. Things do get personal for Theo. I began to care for her and concerned for her as well. I didn't care for Johnny, who only used Theo for his own vicious gains. I could see an intriguing love match between Parker and Theo.

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