Friday, December 6, 2013

Secret Identity

In Paula Graves's Secret Identity, welcome to the dark world of danger and intrigue. Amanda Caldwell was a former agent who'd been keeping secrets and living on the run. When someone tracked her down, she was on the run for her life. We saw her toss and turn with mixed emotions, when she met her former flame, Rick Cooper. Amanda's world's turned upside-down, when someone was gunning out for her. And she didn't know why. Three years ago, she couldn't escape her past. And neither could Rick. We have discovered how Rick was concerned for her and wanted to keep her safe. When they came together, the sparks continued to fly. Together, they took on their adversaries in a blaze of glory, when her secrets were exposed wide open. No one wanted the truth to come out in the end. What a burning rush!

This was a fantastic romantic suspense. I loved the non-stop action that took place in Tennessee. Amanda had a complex and interesting fast. Rick was pretty smooth and suave and sexy as well. The pairing between them was unstoppable and intense as well heated. I loved the backstory of Amanda's past  and how it unfolded when Rick protected her. Gripping page turning suspense and great action.

Ready to get heated up? Check this out this weekend!

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