Friday, December 13, 2013

Tempted Again

In the spirits of light-hearted contemporary romances with a sense of humor, you'll enjoy Tempted Again. Marissa Bennett was broke, unemployed and divorced, when she returned home to Hopeful, Ohio. As for starting over, she'd gotten a bumpy start. We come across her family--her mother experiencing menopause, her father's obsession with Egypt, and her baby sister Jess, who was a bit of a drama queen. To make matters worse, she ran into Connor Doyle, her former flame who burned her, a decade ago. We saw things from Connor's and Marissa's POV, when they rubbed each other the wrong way, and fell in love when sparks fly, while they kept their secrets in the past. There's some humorous bits here that'll make you smile and laugh, like with her demon car. They took a chance on each other and rolled the dice to doubled their odds.  This one you'll root for them and fall in love with,  too.

This contemporary romance have something for everyone.  This would also tug on your heartstrings as well. I loved Marissa's family--they each had a bit of personality to add to Marissa's story to give it some real feelings to care about them. I enjoyed Connor's involvement with the teenage kids and helping them to stay off the streets. I despised at Marissa's demon car, though I laughed at it a couple of times. God help her! This romance will make you feel good and warm inside.

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