Monday, December 30, 2013

Bungalow 2

If you love timeless and beautiful romances, this one is one for you from Danielle Steel. In Bungalow 2, we're introduced to Tanya Harris and her family in Marin, California. When she received an offer from her agent to write a script, it was an once-and-a-lifetime deal for her. For the first part of the story, we witnessed her first shot in making it in Hollywood, while it caused friction with her family and a strain in her marriage. Behind the scenes, she learned the hidden truth, while she was hard at work. Halfway through making the movie, she discovered deceit and heartache from her husband and best friend. When she was hooked on Hollywood, she feared she might've outgrown her former lifestyle. But we watched the only thing she latched onto was her children and her dreams. The second half was focused on life after divorce, when she championed for her dreams to come true and the men she met to give her a new profound layer of happiness. This pulled the heart strings, when I read Tanya's story, and cried along with her. She later learned, she would have to kiss a lot of ugly frogs and toads to find her new Prince Charming, and some small sacrifices to make it work. A beautiful romance of life, love and making dreams come true.

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