Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shear Murder

Marla Shore had a lot in her hands in the latest installment in the Bad Hair Day series in Shear Murder. While she planned her wedding to Dalton, opened a day spa, and kept  her salon busy with customers, she had gotten a full schedule ahead of her. When she attended her friend's wedding, she discovered a new murder and was on the case. With not much time on her hands, we'll see how she was devoted to Dalton and Brianna and trying not to stay out of trouble. She was really up to her ears on this drama, when she discovered family secrets and other surprises in the background. The closer she was to the truth, the more threatening danger looms to her and her business. In the end, it was s a close call between life and death for her. Lots of surprises in store this one for sure.

This was another great mystery with a whole lot going on. I loved the flower arrangements in the storyline, including the birds of paradise. It was so nice and romantic for Dalton and Marla's interfaith marriage to take place, while another one happened before that.  I loved her friends and colleagues in this cozy mystery series who help Marla out. I believe Marla had met her match with Dalton.

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