Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Forbidden Magic

Cheyenne McCray took us to a whole new world in her paranormal romance series. Forbidden Magic is the first book in the Magic series. Take urban fantasy and mesh it up with paranormal romance and a hint of eroticism and romanticism. Silver Ashcroft was a good witch who abided by the Wiccan ways. She'd been the chosen one to lead the fight against evil. Estranged from her father and her sister  who had gone missing, she had been taught not to use grey or black magic. But this was a force to be reckoned with. There was an eclectic ray of fantasy creatures here of good and bad. Besides her witch clan in San Francisco, she fell for Hawk of the D'Danannan warriors from the Otherworld, which is reminiscent of angels from Heaven. There was the Demons from the Underworld, which were the devils from Hell. Both worlds clashed in this battle royale. She fought the pull of Darkwolf's lure to join the dark side and never experienced love and pleasure from Hawk to take it a whole new level. Lots of suspense, drama, romance, and experience, when we go above and beyond and back to Earth in this magical and delightful series.

I really enjoyed the book and the descriptive settings of both heaven and hell. The Wiccan magic gave this novel a fantastic twist. We learned a lot about Silver's backstory and how close she was to her family. I loved the transformations of Hawk and his fellow friends when they flew in the sky. I most certainly laughed and cried at every page turn. You'll be hooked and gripped in the beginning to be taken on a wonderful reader's journey. I didn't like Darkwolf and his fellow minions. They gave me creepy chills and a bad state of my mouth.

Ready to explore new magic territories? Check out this book today!

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