Sunday, December 8, 2013

Edge of Black

In the second installment of the Dr. Sam Owens series, JT.Ellison packed a punch with this enthralling novel in Edge of Black. After losing her family in the flood in Nashville, Sam moved to Washington D.C. to start her new life over. She had a new man in her life and was taken to a new and dangerous adventure. When there was an attack at the Metro train station, it rocked her world. We followed Sam on her darkest case ever, when there was a shade of black. We saw how connected she was to Xander, and what he went through to help her out and to define their blossoming relationship. She learned about a deadly poison that's homegrown to kill in their backyard. From D.C. to Colorado, there were many twists and turns to this thriller with a pummeling backstory as well that will blow you away. They were on the hunt for a bomber. There were so many surprises you didn't see coming.

We could really feel the depth of Sam's loss, when she lost her family in the flood. That heart-breaking sorrow was real on the pages. I felt sad for her, when she had to move and start over in a new town. Xavier was an interesting character with a peculiar family with hippy names.  We do get to see how much he cared about her, his family, and for his heathen environment. There was a strong outreach and outpouring of compassion from his family to her to make her feel one of them own. I cried and was at the edge of my seat in this thriller as well. This would leave you ... breathless.

Ready for an intense thriller? Grab a copy today!

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